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What We Believe

Tameer Int’l’s Values & Beliefs:

Tameer Int’l Values its work environment and ethical behavior. Tameer Int’l’s commendable and effective work environment is the essence of success for Tameer Int’l. Tameer Int’l aims at creating formal yet inspiring family oriented work environment with the culture of sharing and open communication. Everyone at Tameer Int’l plays a major role in shaping Tameer Int’l ’s culture. The capacity to value and practice honesty, respect along with responsibility, fairness, and compassion has existed in Tameer Int’l ever since Tameer Int’l s foundation.

To succeed in an environment characterized by ongoing change, Tameer Int’l must never forget what it is. It is important for everyone at Tameer Int’l to remember that our beliefs and values are what sets Tameer Int’l above all. Acting in accordance with Tameer Int’l’s beliefs and values will keep us Tameer Int’l on the right course, and will continually increase the strength of Tameer Int’l. Tameer Int’l’s beliefs and values drive behaviors and enable achievement of mission.

Tameer Int’l deeply has its belief in

UNCOMPROMISING QUALITY: Tameer Int’l is accountable for ensuring quality is built into everything it does. Exclusive performance and quality ensures future trust and confidence in Tameer Int’l’s services.


RAPID CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Tameer Int’l is constantly striving for rapid continuous improvement. At Tameer Int’l, we are energized by change, and continuously thinking ahead and anticipating how Tameer Int’l can better serve the community.

DEMONSTRATE INTEGRITY: Integrity is at the heart of Tameer Int’l’s relationships. We demonstrate integrity by trusting, respecting and empowering Tameer Int’l’s employees, and operating every single day with authenticity, openness and reliability. We are each accountable for doing the right thing. The company pledges to protect environmental quality and human welfare in our communities. We are actively involved as a company, and as individual employees, giving time and resources to contribute to the sustainability of the places in which we operate.


TRUTH: Tameer Int’l is relentless in uncovering and sharing the truth and being honest with ourselves, our co-workers, and all stakeholders and the community at large. We maintain the highest standards of professional and ethical practices.


RESPECT INDIVIDUAL: Tameer Int’l treat others with dignity, and respect their individual feelings and contributions. We thoughtfully consider other's ideas and viewpoints, and recognize our differences. We thrive under high standards, prospering when an individual grows and meets new challenges.


TEAMWORK: Tameer Int’l recognizes that in almost every action we are part of a team, and through our collaborative efforts we align the workforce. We proactively engage others, which has a dramatic effect on productivity and job satisfaction. We share best practices and ideas, and become involved early in decision-making.

Tameer Int’l’s Role:

Tameer Int’l’s project activities focus on tasks that directly benefit and relate to the local community. Such tasks may include

  • Basic-Construction
  • Education
  • Health
  • Farming
  • Agriculture

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