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Tameer Int'l - Model Villages

Tameer Int’l Model Village concept is conceptualized, designed and established to provide basic infrastructural facilities and other public amenities to the flood affected village population affected by the floods of 2010. The entire Model Village project concentrates on the challenges of rural poverty.


The approach of the development of the Model Villages is from an empirical prospect of the heritage and the culture of the Indus Valley. These Model Villages are built with exceptional contemporary facilities including Solar Power Energy, hospitals, schools, bio gas plants, cattle yards, Mosques, community centers with other public buildings like committee rooms, E-Learning centers, shops, milk collection plants, deep tube wells, women craft centers and dispensaries and every aspect required for a thriving living.

The work on the Model Villages is being done very analytically and critically to meet the necessities of the people and furthermore to grant access to unconventional, exceptional amenities. With every day Tameer Int’l is moving on towards the successful completion of projects in flood areas.
The main objective of Tameer Int’l Model Villages is not only to provide shelter for rehabilitation of the flood affectees moreover it is to bring about essential perspective and behavior revolution in the rural mindset through community mobilization so that real and meaningful change in quality of life, life style and community participation in local development works and governance becomes viable and gets recognized in the much wanted degree. (Click here to view pictures)