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Tameer Int’l’s project activities focus on tasks that directly benefit and relate to the local community. Such tasks may include basic-construction, education, health, farming and agriculture. Pakistan has suffered the worst floods for 80 years and at least 2200 people have been killed with 22 million others affected. The crisis is expected to worsen with the forecast of more heavy rains. According to UN the recent floods in Pakistan have caused a sever damage and the catastrophe has proved to be massive than Tsunami.


Tameer Int’l develops Al Khair Model Village in Ehsan Pur (Muzaffar Garh)

Construction work for has commenced for Al-Khair Model Village In Ehsan Pur (Muzaffar Garh). This area was on of the worst flood areas in Pakistan. The village will have a capacity of approximately 100 families; this is the first project of its kind in Pakistan. The village will be completely self contained and provide a comprehensive range of amenities.

1. Masjid
2. Health Centre
3. Primary School
4. Play Area
5. Bio Gas Plant
6. Live Stock Area
7. Water Station
8. Sewage System
9. Electricity
10. Roads and Pathways
11. Street Lighting
12. Donors Fountain







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